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Jul 5, 2003
when a "fan" is ejected are they just walked to the nearest exit and left outside the stadium? or in addition are their personal details recorded and reported to the club?

for the more serious offences are there any cells/holding areas at the stadium? If not what happens when someone is actually arrested?

just interested......thanks


New member
Sep 29, 2005
Ejections are the responsibility of the club. The police maybe called to support the stewards if the safety officer requests this through the police commander. The whole of the outer concourse is the club property and they can be requested to leave that area.

If police take details of any ejection, their details are passed to the club or the away club.

There are no police cells at the Amex as Hollingbury custody centre is next to Asda so it was an unecessary expense in the planning process.

Hope this helps

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