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[Football] Eastbourne Borough fc what’s going on tonight ????

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Sep 10, 2010
Ok so I work with someone who plays for them. He says:

Long story short, there was a breakdown in relationships between the social committee and the board of directors. They were due to come together on a few projects but couldn’t agree about a particular person from the social side being involved due to his aggressive nature towards some of the board members. He was voted on and they said if he stays they will all resign, he did so they did. Chances are it will get reversed. Crazy times though.


Aug 27, 2010
I know nothing about Eastbourne Borough I'm afraid, but I can't see how there could be a degree of separation. You are either one or not, is my understanding.
they have Langney Sports Club Committee, they have Eastbourne Borough FC board and then theres the Acorn Trust that owns 51% of the CIC.


Big heart, hot blood and balls. Big balls
Nov 18, 2004
I will read in full when I have a spare 2 hours :D

In short, board told to quit by whining fans, none of whom could be bothered to volunteer so were asked to come back by the rest of the fans

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