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[Football] Duffy

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Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
I feel genuinely sorry for Shane. He was immense for us for a number of seasons and left for footballing philosophy reasons, not because he wasn’t good enough imo. He does not suit Potter’s style. He went through a dark period before he joined us from Blackburn. I think it would be ideal if he could go and play for CH and get back to the form we know he is capable of. Sad times for Shane at the moment and wherever he goes he would be best to get out of Glasgow asap.

Chin up Shane, Albion legend :thumbsup:


Apr 25, 2009
Our best close season transfer business was not letting White go to Leeds and not letting Duffy go to WBA. No surprise that they have the two leakiest defences in the Prem. Duffy would have done well at WBA.

Badger Boy

Mr Badger
Jan 28, 2016
Whoever at Celtic thought it was a good idea to bring Neil Lennon back totally lost the plot that day.

Not only is he a terrible manager but also an entirely questionable individual. He is making that club a complete laughing stock.

Bet Gerrard can’t believe his luck.

Revisionism. Isn't it right to say that he's won every competition they've played in so far? They lost in a Cup this season and they won't be winning the league so that run is over but it's not as if it fell apart immediately. He has run his course, but when he went back in he did pretty well and won the league last season fully under his management. The issue he's had this season is trying to build a new team and he's fluffed it. His big new CB has failed, his £6m goalkeeper is rubbish and his switch to 3 at the back has led to poor results.


Jul 17, 2003
He was never a defender you wanted to see a striker run at, but in many of the clips Duffy is the last line of defence and the rest of Celtic are somewhere up the pitch. Feel for him, he's getting turned every week, but he's playing for a crap team. It's one thing to have your own fans on your back, but fans across the whole league are tweeting about him.


May 17, 2019
Having watched him for a number of years still think Duffy’s way better then this.

That Celtic team is not set up to his strengths to begin with, plus poor coaching, and now with all the bad results and all the fans piling on you can see the guy’s confidence is shattered.

He needs to move on somewhere else unfortunately.

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