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[Misc] Do they know it's Christmas?


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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
I agree.
It will be played to death here. I was at a party a couple of years ago and a fellow Brit played Slade, Merry Christmas Everybody. There were 4 of us singing & dancing with a group of Aussies watching on.
They had never heard it……🤯🎅🏼🎄

Same here, the Carey dirge was just an inconsequential 90’s Xmas song, no more important than others of the time. A zzzz re-release not so long ago has turned it into god status.

Slade’s tune …. great memories of Xmas Eve’s in the 80’s clubbing in Brighton, going mental with 2,000 others at Midnight :bowdown:


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Jul 5, 2017
How many sleeps to go til the crimbo hollibobs?!


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Jul 8, 2003
Here and There
I hardly ever watch TV live anymore, leave it at least 20mins and you can either FF the ads when they come on or skip them altogether when streaming. I did catch the 'Very' ad the other day though... that Slade song makes me angry when it's played too early. There are tonnes of non-specific Christmas songs you can use to get you in the mood without resulting to those in-your-face tracks that, at the time of their original release, came out around a week before 25th December. These are songs should not be played in November.

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Jun 29, 2012
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Chan 5 shiwing Christmas movies. Its November FFS.
I used to like Xmas, but then the wife started watching "Christmas in July" on some obscure channel a few years ago.

Now, whenever I come home from work, there is usually some cheap, crappy made for TV film on, no matter what month - and I hate Xmas. Its totally taken away that excitement you feel once you get to December. Just doesn't feel like a special time of year anymore.

Told her so many times that once its Dec 1 then its time to start thinking about it, but she wont listen. At least I still get my way with the decorations going up the first weekend of earlier.

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