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[Albion] Deniz Undav - season long loan to Stuttgart confirmed


Oct 18, 2008
If pedro plays as a number 9 he’s a clear fourth choice. Plus we might just be bringing in someone better


Coffee Buyer
Jul 5, 2003

Where did you see this?

Is it PotG?

Thrifty non-licker
Feb 20, 2017
Sussex by the Sea
Is he?

Needs to up his game to become PL standard, Stuttgart a good chance for the lad.


Offended Liver Sausage
NSC Patron
Oct 17, 2008
Really surprised by this, and a little miffed.

We only play one up top and I suppose with Pedro/Ferguson/Welbeck he might not get the minutes, but I’d have thought we’d want the option.

Wonder if the player wants this, only 5 days ago he was saying in an interview how happy the squad was, and welcoming all the new players.

This has come out of left field!

Mustafa II

Well-known member
Oct 14, 2022
Like others, I'd be surprised about this.

He's a useful bit player, super-sub, back up player.

But at the same time, I wouldn't be too surprised - as he's 27... does he really just want to be just a bit player, super-sub, back up player?

He played a fun and important part in our best ever season. Hope he stays. But if he doesn't, certainly wish him the best.


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Jul 5, 2003
Well, decent as some of his finishing has been, he'll be a clear 4th choice with Joao Pedro, Welbeck and Ferguson to dislodge. I'd really like us to have 4 strikers to choose from but maybe sitting on the bench is not so attractive to him. Shame as he seemed to be getting used to English football - but the same limitations that everyone picked on before he started scoring do still apply.

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