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Cyclists - Toughest Hills of Brighton?

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Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
The hill that leads up to Lincoln Cathedral is a bitch. Never cycled up it, but was based at RAF Cranwell in the early 80's and had to march up it in full No.1 uniform with rifle on Remembrance Sunday.

Agree . . .I stayed at a Coach house/hotel at the top of the hill on business some years back . we marched down hill for a very juicy dinner . . .come 11:30 getting back up the hill to bed was not a pleasant sight or experience!

Have cycled up Coldean Lane a few times in the past, harsh.


Jan 3, 2014
Just wondering in what order other cyclists would place.

Ditchling Beacon
Coldean lane
Rottingdean to Falmer
Saddlecombe (from roundabout to golf club)
Bear Road
Wilson Avenue

Feel free to add others but think they must be over 800mts long to qualify.

Bear Road
Coldean Lane
Rottingdean to Falmer
Albion Hill
Southover St
Ditchling Beacon
King George VI
Wilson’s Avenue
Mill Road
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