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[Football] Clubs you dislike

Not Andy Naylor

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Dec 12, 2007
Seven Dials
Manchester United, ever since I first met one of their 'supporters' at school in Hove. All over the country there are clubs who have been denied valuable support every week from local glory-hunters who head off to Old Trafford for their empty thrills. I passed a minibus full of Torquay Reds (according to the sign in the back) on the motorway a while back. W*nk*rs. And of course the unbelievable help they've had from referees over the years has only made it worse.

P*rtsm**th. Bought the FA Cup and a Premier League place with money they didn't have then went bust owing money all over Hampshire to small businesses that couldn't afford it. While their fans encouraged them and demanded more signings. Far too many years of watching them hog all the football news minutes on local TV. #twats

MK Dons. They shouldn't exist and I once had the opportunity to tell their charmless and slimy chairman Pete Winkleman that I thought so.

Plucky. Ignored financial fair play rules to get into the Premier League when their crowd revenues couldn't possibly justify it.

Not on the same scale, but a mild dislike of Reading, Burnley, Stains.


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Jul 7, 2003
Motherwell! - Scum!


in order...

Millwall, because of their disgusting fan base (sorry Grandad)
Real Madrid, because they have basically bought football and now want to buy Europe
Man City, because they are trying to do a Real to English football
Newcastle, because they so blindly turn away from their owners
Chelsea, just because
Man Utd, because they are an arrogant bunch (although, getting less so - strangely they are falling down my list of disliked teams)
Palace, just because of the panto involved (I don't really hate them, but I love to boo and hiss)

Horses Arse

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Jun 25, 2004
here and there
Palace - grubby needy club with no identity and shithouse football. But also have some respect for their genuine supporters (not the Spurs drum bangers) - not to be sniffed at when there are so many better alternatives nearby
Reading - horrible plastic false bunch of nonsense
Leeds - delusional twats
Portsmouth - cheating scumbags
Villa - horribe entitled idiots, nice ground though
Chelsea - racist clowns
Newcastle - just their current owners

5Ways Gull

È quello che è
Feb 2, 2009
Fiveways, Brighton
Never liked Southampton or Portsmouth, constantly rammed down our throats on Day by Day and South Today. Bournemouth is a bit more recent, mainly due to Smug Eddie. I still have a really strong dislike for Notts County since a Withdean game where their sole tactic was to cripple Zamora, and when they did get him stretchered off, one of their players knocked him up in the air and he landed on his shoulder dislocating it, their fans cheered like they had scored!

mejonaNO12 aka riskit

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Dec 4, 2003
I'm thinking this as clubs I would think "urgh" if they were in the prem.

My reasoning? I hate the camera angles at their grounds. Fulham have now escaped this by raising the camera angle into their new stand.

West Ham
Luton Town
Birmingham City


Old Brightonian
Nov 7, 2003
East Wales
All of them really, especially palace (and Chelsea whilst potter is there). My mate likes Swansea so I don’t mind them as much, unless we’re playing them.

That said I seem to support whoever is playing palace and Chelsea (these days).


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Dec 21, 2011
I don't waste time on holding vendettas against other clubs.

Oh, except for all 6 of the European Super League conspirators;
and Saudi Arabia's Newcastle United;
Aston 'diving time wasting cheats' Villa;
The fairytale league winners Leicester City who got into the division by cheating financial fair play having been one of the causes of financial fair play being introduced because of their policy of dumping debt through repeated administrations;
Little Bournemouth - FFP cheats;
Brentford because all neutrals talk them up, despite their football being a slightly refined version of eighties Wimbledon;
Leeds - Its the ridiculously unfounded belief in Yorkshire exceptionalism;
Southampton - the 1978 Spurs fix;
Both Sheffields - See Leeds;
Huddersfield - Wagner's disgraceful thrown match when resting players for the play offs;
Burnley - Barton's stamp on Kayal and the abuse of Gaeten Bong;
Cardiff - Horrible, whatever division we've been in with them, just horrible;
Portsmouth - take all your pots and pans and chuck them in a bin. You won them through (financial) cheating;
MK Dons - Shouldn't even exist;
Orient - Barry Hearn trying to get us thrown out of the league;
Crawley - Only time I went there, the racism of the crowd was astounding;
& Chesterfield - Brown envelopes;

and Palace obviously; There's the rivalry, but also the lies about the play off semi, the black pyjama gang not being banned as promised after hospitalising one of their own stewards, the special treatment given to those numpties to the detriment of their long time supporters, the lies about when they were founded, the repeated administrations and lack of responsibility taken. They really are the ideal rival, as I would hate them even if they weren't our rivals.

Don't look back in anger folks.
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I've changed this
Nov 1, 2017
Palace, Chelsea, Man Utd


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Jul 14, 2005
Another Dirty Leeds United, Sunderland, Southampton, Reading, Stevenage for their attitude towards Macclesfield Town.


Jul 7, 2003
In a pile of football shirts
Liverpool. Just can't bear them, and the entitlement of (many of) the fans, the managers, the players, the owners, and haven't been able to stand them for a long, long time.

Tottenham. Just dislike them, their choices of managers over the years, Harry Kane, Son, and so many of their fans

Bognor. I'd rather be a Rebel than a Rock.

Chelsea. Disliked them for the past 5 years or so, the arrogance of wealth mostly, and as for recent events, they can go get f***ed.

Newcastle. They always were a little big club, largely pointless, but now, urgh.

Dave Fishwick

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Feb 28, 2021
In no particular order, many clubs I have picked up from living in different parts of the country and having to deal with obnoxious fanbases -

Liverpool - Klopp is a snide piece of work, terrible fanbase which is now almost inescapable if you use social media to a certain degree. Think they are holier than thou now, promoting themselves as a neutral's alternative to the oil state clubs then try to go cap in hand to the next sheikh who will wave a dollar at them. Yank owners couldn't wait to get in the Super League. That fat tongued idiot Tony Evans is now advertising in the middle of all my podcasts as well.

Leicester - again another fan base with a complex, they can't believe that the world doesn't give them more respect after 2016, the respect is earned, not given when you drop your trousers for free doughnuts, beer and cardboard clappers. Oh and the financial fair play thing

Burnley - racists, shite brand of football until this season and always seemed to get a result against us

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