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[Football] Club v Country

Brighton to win Premier League or England to win Euros ?

  • England to win Euros

    Votes: 14 6.6%
  • Brighton to win Premier League

    Votes: 199 93.4%

  • Total voters

The Wookiee

Back From The Dead
Nov 10, 2003
Would you rather England win the Euros or Brighton win the Premier league ?



Well-known member
Dec 21, 2011
Were England to win, the whole nation would be happy: people would smile at each other in the street, and there would be a sunny atmosphere for weeks. Even people who don't like football would join in the party.

Brighton winning the league would just allow our small community to lord it over other parts of the country.

It's absolutely no contest: Brighton obviously. Sod everyone else.

Mustafa II

Well-known member
Oct 14, 2022
The poll results are more indicative of how many plastic fans a club has.

ANY true Albion fan would be club before country every time in this scenario. World Cup is a bit different, mind.

Sorry to offend anyone with that comment, but as we are new to being a big club, most of our fans are still very plastic, especially the older ones that appeared out of nowhere once we made the Premier League.


Well-known member
Feb 12, 2005
Tough one for me, I’ve attended all bar two major tournaments with England since 2006 - but see it different to club who you seen week in week out. A trophy with England seems much more likely than anything with Brighton (even f***ed up the Championship title under Hughton which still pisses me off) but probably feel more of an affiliation with Brighton


Anti-greed coalition
Jul 20, 2003
poor show from our supporters, particularly when you bear in mind that Chelsea supporters hate their club and have had enough (according to all their vloggers ... or whatever their called).


Well-known member
May 3, 2012
Total sample size 2,053.

If equally split between the 13 (why only 13?) clubs on that list, it's 155.

Not exactly a huge sample. And unlikely to be an equal split anyway.

7 out of 16 is 44%.....

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