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[NSC] Christmas spend

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Birdie Boy

Jun 17, 2011
For £220 I got 2 nights in a hotel, Christmas eve buffet, Christmas day breakfast, Christmas day roast, Christmas day/eve buffet, boxing day breakfast. Bargain really

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That sounds pretty good but how much did you spend on alcohol and presents?

I'm currently in between jobs, so we have gone low key but still £100+ on 3 kids (adults) each.

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Sep 21, 2017
Having lived through and taken part in the Christmas excesses of the 1980s through to the the crash of 2008 where Christmas was all about consumerism having too much of everything, our Christmas spend was spiralling By the 2000s we were spending in excess of £1,000!

Over the past few years we have year on year been reducing that excessive spend and this year we spent in total food drink presents £300 which I feel is far more realistic.

When I talk to friends and family they tell me they have also been reducing their Christmas spend year on year.

Question to NSC are we just tight or is this general have you reduced your Christmas spend?

No, you’re not tight, this is tight: Lady Gall received a jar of chutney as a present from a friend. It had a best before date of October 2018 and it still had the price tag “reduced to £1”. She accepts of course that this may not necessarily be about tightness, it could be a message about friendship! As the old saying goes “it’s the thought that counts” - but I wonder what the thought was....

Dick Head

Jan 3, 2010
We're not a fan of Turkey so opted for a gammon, other meats are always cheap at Christmas time. Probably £20 on food which lasts for a few days and we don't drink a huge amount so even with all the chocolates and snacks we're under £50. 3 kids so lots of toys but all for somewhere between £200-£300 each year in total


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