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[Other Sport] Cheltenham Festival 2023

Jul 7, 2003
I'm probably the only punter in the world down on yesterday's results don't really fancy anything much so will just have a few Bob on Fun Fun Fun,I wonder if Mr Bloom will be there today to lead in his winning horse,I guess he could make it back for the game via helicopter.
Also down, not helped y missing the bet365 offer on Constitution Hill which was a licence to print money.

Last year, Tony was meant to get a helicopter back after racing to see the Albion but the weather was so bad, it couldn't take off so he ended up in a dash down the motorways. Could be the same this year.


Anti-greed coalition
Jul 20, 2003
Right, no mistakes like last time out and I'm having a very nice curry and posh beers watching the football tonight.

Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003

I put a £10 bet on Energumene on BET 365 at odds of 7/1 a few mins before the race started. I knew they were way longer than I was seeing on TV. The bet was accepted and the money deducted from my account. Two mins later I saw my bet was suspended.

What is going on?

My £10 bet has not been credited either.

I feel like I’ve been scammed!

Edit: now being told I can cash out for £16 :shrug:

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