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[Albion] Chelsea Tickets


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Mar 4, 2004
That must have just was general sale when I posted that!

Looks like Leicester for me as Chelsea looks like a sell out. Got to take what I can get.

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It is on the info sheet you get when you click on "more info"


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Jun 27, 2012

Brighton & Hove Albion will refund all orders on tickets for the Chelsea away match. Fans will need to reapply for tickets once the date of the game is known and the on-sale date has been confirmed.

Following the postponement of the trip to Stamford Bridge, as a result of Chelsea reaching the Carabao Cup Final, and with no fixed date for the match at this stage, the club has made the decision to refund all ticket holders.

All ticket holders who purchased online will be automatically refunded to the card on which the original payment was made; this will take up to five days to process. Those who purchased in person will be sent a cheque.

Once a new date is announced (likely to be a midweek date) all fans who had purchased a ticket for the original fixture will be given a one-day window to buy a ticket for the new date.

Any unsold tickets will then be sold using the usual priority procedure, and fans wishing to attend should reapply if they want to attend the rescheduled fixture.

We appreciate that this may not be ideal for all ticket holders who wish to retain their tickets and fully intend to attend the rearranged match, regardless of the date. However, all various options have been considered, and it has been decided that this is the most efficient and fairest way for all ticket holders.

Given the match may be rearranged at extremely short notice, there is a concern that it will not allow enough time for both an adequate cancellation window, and give the club enough time to resell and despatch any returned tickets.


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Jul 30, 2011
On the Border

So we had a tiered process on the release so that those in tier 1 had a larger selection of seats to choose from, with less available as the tier process went to lower levels.

But now all that is ripped up, and there will be just a one day window for all those that had purchased seats, to join a queue to but a ticket again. Yes you will get a ticket, but if you previously as an example brought a seat toward the front in the upper stands you may now be left with only an option of a seat at the rear of the lower stand.

Not to mention a lot of wasted time in the queuing system to get a ticket that you previously had.

Not to mention that everyone brought a ticket in the full knowledge that the game would probably be moved.

Utter madness #Barber out


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Jul 23, 2013
but can the club guarantee selling them all again for a midweek fixture? I bet it goes in blocks again.

To be fair to the approx 3000 with tickets, they need to put the 3000 on sale together. It'll be the day after that any left will be available - this will definitely sell out.

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