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[Football] Chelsea or Fulham?

Who do you want to win?

  • Chelsea

    Votes: 8 3.5%
  • Fulham

    Votes: 158 69.0%
  • A draw is not an option. Man up. Do not vote for this option.

    Votes: 63 27.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Mellor 3 Ward 4

Jul 27, 2004
saaf of the water
Fulham - for two reasons:

1. We'll finish above them anyway, regardless - I really don't see them as rivals for a European spot - not yet anyway.

2. The pure hilarity of a weekend of Chelsea fans spitting out dummies, chucking toys out of prams, #potterout trending etc - and Potter's losing prezzer would be a joy to watch.

Unfortunately, it won't happen - comfortable win for Chelsea tonight I'm afraid.


Oct 18, 2010
Draw, which let’s face it will seem like a loss for Chelsea, especially if Fulham get a late equaliser. Two points dropped for both. 1:1


New member
Dec 2, 2016
The main thing is that we need to be above both of them come 5 o'clock tomorrow.
but of course tonight it's got to be Fulham !


Nov 15, 2008
If Fulham win, they go above us by three points, though we would likely still have a better goal difference and three games in hand.
If Chelsea win they go one point above us, though we would likely still have a better goal difference and two games in hand.

Suppose we win those games in hand, a Fulham win, and chelsea win their game in hand on fulham:

Brighton 40
Fulham 34
Chelsea 32

A chelsea win, and brighton and chelsea win their games in hand

Brighton 40
Chelsea 35
Fulham 31

So, before looking at any ill will toward either team, wouldn't a 6 point gap on the team below be better than a 5 point gap, especially with a superior goal difference?

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