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Jul 5, 2003
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So basically the EFL is not fit for purpose, how many clubs rich in history and assets if not cash are going to get stripped by vultures. All clubs should table a motion of ‘no confidence’ in the EFL.

Unfortunately its not all that straightforward. Whilst the EFL can do checks into a potential new owners background (ie if there is some criminality), they do not have a crystal ball. There is not always a tangible way of knowing a good owner from a bad one when they buy a club. And bear in mind Charlton fans were DESPERATE to get rid of De Chateualet, so were always likely to cling to any lifebelt that came bobbing along, as long as they passed the "fit and proper person" test.

What is the EFL supposed to do - block a new investor and see a club go under as a result, because they don't like the look of him ? Hindsight is a powerful factor. If someone rocks up with the money for a rescue package and various promises, then as long as they don't have a murky track record or a criminal record, and can prove they have the money, then on what grounds can the EFL block it ? Fans would still be up in arms if that happened.

We got very lucky when Dick Knight took over from Archer, because his motives were always to save the club. I don't recall BHA fans being out on the streets with pitchforks when that c**t Archer took control of the club before him though.
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