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[TV] Brilliant! Nice.

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Foul Play Rocks

Feb 23, 2013
I’ve just read that one of my favourite shows is coming back for a one off special.


May 1, 2006
I wish all the orginal epsiodes would some how find themselves onto I Player or Netflix.

And I was very, very drunk.


Feb 20, 2020
The Fast Show used to be the best thing on telly and made me howl with laughter every week but I watched a few episodes recently and I didn't feel the same. I think it was of it's time. People who are new to it might enjoy it like I did back then but I just didn't find it that funny now as I did then.
So many one liners that are still used in my family constantly. The most frequent being:-
It's a load of old bollocks that is.... Ted and Ralph farmers talking about fruit compote yoghurts
Great....nice.... Jazz Club
Effth eth eth effth.....Chris Waddle (Channel 9)
Which was nice... (Mark Williams pretentious bloke)
Thats got it ....and Arse...(coughing Bob Fleming)

There are so many.and they never get tired. A "brilliant" bit of comedy

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