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[Football] Brighton, Brentford and Swindon

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Feb 17, 2005
We’ll, a quick trip to Google translate reveals all. Les Bians is a corruption of Les Bains, or the baths.
All three have baths in them, even Swindon, allegedly.

Brighton Lines

The Manifestation of Moribund
Apr 5, 2014
Albion have played an evening match in the League Cup at the home grounds of all three and lost. All in the same decade. And I was at all three.

I reckon that's enough, isn't it ?

Tom Hark Preston Park

Lost to the vultures
Jul 6, 2003
Which EPL game televised by Sky Boxing Day 2021 was watched by nobody at all outside of Brighton and Brentford? (apart from a couple of blokes in Swindon)

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