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[Politics] Brexit

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If there was a second Brexit referendum how would you vote?

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Staring at the rude boys
May 23, 2009
I've gone from definitely IN to most likely IN. Unless OUT come up with a convincing argument (and for me they haven't yet), then I'm IN.


Sep 18, 2012
After heading the comprehensive literature provided by HM government, even more IN than ever. If you are buying a house don't exchange till 24/6 just incase...

And if we do vote out it might be a good time to buy some property in Paris, Dublin and Berlin in preparation of multinational and European businesses relocating to the EU.


Sep 18, 2012
Yeah, theres no multinationals in America.

Yes there are plenty because America also is the world's second largest economy, making up nearly a 1/5th of global GDP and an internal market of 300 million people. This is translated into trade deals which benefit multinational companies. A great place to HQ a business.

The EU is collectively the world's largest economy making up over a 1/5th of global GDP and has an international market of 500 million people. This is translated into trade deals, existing and being negotiated, that benefit multinational companies. A great place to HQ a business.

The UK is 3% of global GDP and has an internal market of 60 million people. Following Brexit we no longer have any trade deals, all of them have to be renegotiated - taking years. Moreover all our business legislation must be written. This is a terrible place to set up an HQ because we have not-so-cleverly decided to decimate our access and leverage within the world's largest economy and largest market.


Oct 24, 2009
West, West, West Sussex.
Was a probable in now a definite out. Nothing to do with other nationalities working here I would like to see freedom of movement for current EU countries continue with an out vote. However recourses are probably stretched to the max now. I'm voting against the big businesses who are just looking out for themselves not the public however they want to spin it.


Sep 25, 2010
In - Because Murdoch wants us out as he can't control the EU in the way he controls our politicians.

Out - Because the IN campaign is so negative, just doom and gloom about leaving, never anything positive about staying.

In other words, I just don't know. I thought I was a definite "in" but, as Lawson said on the Marr show, most countries in the world are not in the EU and they seem to be doing OK so why shouldn't we?


Twats everywhere
Jun 22, 2012
The Troubadour
Or just the people you hang around with. I haven't met a single person who's voting out. That includes everyone I work with and all my friends and family.

The In people I've spoken to just give the impression of liking the status quo of it all without any real thought about it.

The EU is just one big bureaucratic non elected failure. Have they done anything that has been a success? Literally anything that has bettered all our lives?

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