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[Albion] Bobby

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Oct 3, 2006
Burgess Hill
His current job is as an Albion Ambassador, you clearly don’t run a company. If you did you might expect your employees to be more circumspect.

I have no problem with him being a WHU fan but I expect better from him on National TV

If he doesn’t draw a salary then I take the above back.

His work for Brighton is part time, if we pay him I very much doubt it is salaried, more ad hoc. He is, was and probably always will be, a hammers fan. He has a tremendous soft spot for us but he is Hammers first and foremost.

I suspect most don't have a problem with that.

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Peter Ward supports Man Utd. Bobby's a Hammer. I don't care. They are two legendary players who served our club so well. I will not criticise either one for their support of clubs they followed before they signed for the Albion. It'd be like asking an Albion fan to stop being a Seagull as he's now playing for Barcelona!

Dunk Chelsea. Cough.

Kenny Sampson, Arse legend. Chelsea fan. Cough

Oh Icy....

Next you'll be suggesting the York pitch invasion was reckless.

Hang on. Ooops. My bad. :blush:
Aug 18, 2013
The needy description of our fans was very true.

Bob was more than fair. Said our finishing needed to improve and that next season we need to be higher up the table - but also spoke highly of our youngsters and much acclaimed style.

An absolutely fair response.

It's almost as if so many people have got lost in the amount of guff about how wonderful every aspect of our club is that they lose the plot when people aren't OTT in praise.

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