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[Albion] ** BHA v Chelsea ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in its 11th SEASON !!

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BHA v Chelsea - Score Predictor

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Dec 9, 2020
East Sussex
Not feeling it for this one. Just think we have done so well without key players that it has to catch up somehow. I think Bissouma was so pivotal to our excellent performance at the Bridge, I have gone 0-2 Chelsea, but certainly hope to be horribly wrong. Need them to be "tired" and a little unsettled post-City and with Lukaku/Tuchel rumbling on that could happen. BUT, the top sides with Top Players, can often find a way when they need to.. Struggle to see us scoring in this one and maybe leave too many gaps for counter-attack that Chelsea might just gobble up. I am concerned about handling them at set-pieces too..

Happy Exile

Apr 19, 2018
Of all the clubs in the league (with the exception of Palace obviously), Chelsea is the one I could probably most go full Keegan about how much I'd love us to beat them. Brighton 0-2 Chelsea though.

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