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Jul 23, 2003
Up and Coming Sunny Portslade
I'm a freelance reporter based in Brighton. The Sun on Sunday have asked me to find any Albion fans doing something special for the return of football.
If you've got big plans for the Arsenal game, I want to hear from you.
You'll get me on

Second shittest paper in the world after the daily version. Do one.

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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Surely the Daily fail pips it ? IMO because they actually try to soften the edges of their opinion so certain people get sucked in to thinking its right.

they're both Top c***s . . . A tough call

The NOTW, Mirror and Scum illegally hacked in to the phones of e.g. the worried sick Dowler’s (impeding the police investigation), whilst The Scum lied about people crushed to death and their fellow supporters at Hillsborough.

Does it get much lower?

Edit: I don’t read the Mail.

Jul 16, 2003

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