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[Football] BBC- Your club's most memorable final day?

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Neville's Breakfast

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May 1, 2016
Oxton, Birkenhead
Not wishing to downplay a fellow Brighton fans opinions but I may suggest that another game where we stared into the abyss might have been slightly more memorable than last week...
He might have understood the question to be "Premier League memorable day" but still
That’s a very polite way of putting it ! Nothing comes close to Hereford. Maybe we were only invented as a football club in 2016 though ?


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Dec 21, 2011
Just clicked on that BBC article, having not seen this thread, thinking 'No matter what anyone else says, we've definitely got this one won' and then read that tosh. Stuart, if you're on here, explain yourself! Were you not born in 1997? Even if you weren't, you must be old enough to remember Ulloa's goal at Forest and Reading's hilarious abandoned pitch invasion in 2014.

Mind you, the Arsenal one is also massively wide of the mark. 1989 mean anything to you? Mike Thomas? Brian Moore: 'It's all up for grabs now!' There's no romantic comedy about not getting beat for a year. Perhaps someone else under 30. Why bother asking them anything? The Newcastle bloke can also do one.

I feel like one of Harry Enfield's Old Gits. At least Man City got their's right.


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Jul 14, 2013
I think he also misunderstood the term "final day"


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Jul 13, 2003
Is he a long standing fan?

Jack Straw

I look nothing like him!
Jul 7, 2003
Is he a long standing fan?
Going by the photo of him on the Albion web-site, he could well be!
I could post the link, but you know what it's like now-a-days!!


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May 3, 2006
When I opened the article earlier, I was stone-cold certain what it would be for us. I mean, what else COULD it be?

A win over Southampton on not even the final day? Not for me, Clive.


Colonel Hee-Haw of Queen's Park
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Apr 5, 2014
Hard to believe that anything but Hereford would be the answer. I'm sure a poll would have it over 90%.

Southampton was a by-product of Hereford.

Everyone remembers where they were, everything (maybe they won't remember the evening so well)

There are probably even a few who were uncharged sperms and ovaries that have memories of that one.


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Feb 1, 2009

S'obvious, innit. Sky might have invented football by the time we played Hereford, but they hadn't then realised there was more than one division!


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Aug 30, 2011
I mean even 16/17, 15/16, 13/14, 08-09, 05-06, 02-03 were more chaotic than that, that’s before we even get to 96/97.


Oct 3, 2006
Burgess Hill
Hereford was memorable but more for the intense sense of relief. I would firstly remind some that football didn't start in 1992 so maybe our best final game was Newcastle away in 1979!!


"the man's an arse"
Jul 7, 2003
This bloke is almost as embarrassing as the 14 year old cretins on Twitter confidently insisting Matt Ryan is Brighton's "worst ever keeper".

Where to start. Christ. Even if you somehow ignore Hereford, his example wasn't even the final day of the season. At least if you'd put Ulloa's goal at Forest up as an example, you could caveat it with "final day of the *regular* season".

Anyway, that day - I think we just pipped Reading didn't we? I can only imagine how upset their fans must've been to find we'd scored a last minute winner thus depriving them of a play off place. If only someone somewhere had captured the moment at Reading.

Peacehaven Wild Kids

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Jan 16, 2022
The Avenue then Maloncho
“We are sorry to see them [Southampton] drop out of the premier league”

“We”? …anyone on here part of the “we”?

Anyhoo, cried my eyes out when I finally managed to tune the stereo in to Radio Brighton at about 3;45 on the 5th May 1979 to find we were 3 nil up. I was only 11 though

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