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[Politics] BBC Sports Personality of the Year Official Thread

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Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Quite - A bloke who's there or there about at the olympics etc v a bloke who earlier this year had the top 20 times in his event EVER. Nobody else has done that before. He absolutely dominates his event, Daley not so.

That doesn't work though does it - If that was the case, what is Sarah Storey even doing on the list? That is not to decry her incredible achievements in any way but most people (even people really in to sport) will struggle tell you what she does, or pick her out in a line up. I actually think people miss understand the word 'personality' in the title, it's used in the same sense as the 'P' in VIP rather than as in someone's personality, otherwise how the f*** did Andy Murray and Ryan Giggs win?

All that said, despite my general loathing of tennis, the sport for people who don't like sport, Radacanu is the worthy winner.

Yes but the voting was done by box ticking, according to das reich, and that is surely wrong?

They should of used the single transferable vote.


Jun 10, 2011
This thread's going well.

If you just wanted a J Arthur, there is plenty of sauce on the internet, so I'm told. And you have my blessing to not have to report back ???


You obviously know all about the internet. Do you Chuck one off when the wife gone to bed. Perhaps you don’t have a wife.

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