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[Albion] Barney Ronay at his best - Grimsby match

Billy in Bristol

Well-known member
Mar 25, 2004
Getting this back on topic this bit made me laugh.

"There are essentially two types of Premier League club: those who are certain of what they want to achieve, what their level is, and what it should look like; and those who flit between methods and plans, dangling success, toying with failure, uncertain how far or high to go with this, which is a very long way of saying the Tottenham Method."
The bit I cut, pasted and forwarded to my Spurs supporting friends...


May 13, 2019
Could you possibly try to get “Surströmming” into a comment at some point please? It must have endless comic possibilities :ROFLMAO:
f***ing hell, get nauseous just seeing the word. When I moved to Gothenburg to go on a course, he had a team-building day where one of the challenges was to eat surströmming. As soon as the bloke running the show opened the bottle I had to run away into the forest to try to stop myself from puking. Didn't work, spent quite a while in that forest... hideous stuff.

Stat Brother

Well-known member
Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
For some slight context, since the new year Barney has been full of joy and happiness towards football.
It's seriously freaking out his colleagues.

Reading that I'm now beginning to think his new found love for the game is directly linked to our form.

Hopefully 'old' Barney won't be back too soon.


Well-known member
Apr 17, 2011
Beaminster, Dorset
Nah, just tired of the cult of personality reducing everyone else (current or former) in the club to a bunch of losers.

I've watched most of these players for several years. I've seen the club play, I've noticed how it operates. Claiming that any specific manager or player is the reason why Brighton aren't likely to lose against Grimsby is not only thick as mince but belittling the capacity and efforts of the 100+ people involved in getting the club to where it is now.
You ever made a slightly anodyne throw away comment that is strictly not 100% accurate but has connotations you would expect your audience to understand?

No, thinking about it, you haven't

Stick to NSC, let the journos do the readable stuff.

Guinness Boy

Tofu eating wokerati
Helpful Moderator
Jul 23, 2003
Up and Coming Sunny Portslade
Genius use of 'smorgasbord'
On my regular dog walk there’s a couple, middle aged, heterosexual, who I regularly see who have a dog that mine likes to play with and vice versa, so we’ve started chatting regularly. He’s English and she’s Swedish.

At Christmas I was talking with them and another couple about different Christmas traditions. The Swedish lady told us how they do a huge celebration on Christmas Eve with a wonderful smorgasbord that she went dewy eyed over.

Then the bloke said, with perfect comic timing and a self deprecating tone “it’s basically just pickled herring”.


Well-known member
Jul 7, 2003
Less is more. look at me, 2000 posts in 20 years. That's sufficient.
Hold on, that's not true is it. I've spent half my working life on this site in that time, and contributed over 50,000 posts. Every single one of them has been a simply magnificent contribution.

Especially in the early days when you and I used to wind up FRANK.🍻🍻

Kuipers Supporters Club

Well-known member
Feb 10, 2009
Nice vlog here from a young Grimsby fan. I love his 'oh my lord' just before 3 minutes in as he sees the stadium as well as this singing of GOSBTS.

Also, how on the 4th goal, half the team go to Webster for what was a fantastic pass.


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