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[Technology] Anyone else playing Wordle?

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
If I'm in competition play today, I fear that, in the words of Southpark's Cartman, I am destined to suck someone's balls.

Wordle 631 6/6




Passports at the ready
Jun 20, 2021
Spring Cup Update:
"Doo, doo,doo, doo, doo, doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo..."
Gary: "Welcome to Wordle of the Day, we got two cracking matches for you today, with players looking to qualify for the Quarter Finals of the Spring Cup."

First Up: @Dinner with Gotsmanov V @Bakero

Wordle 631 5/6*



Beers before Wordle never goes well.
Wordle 631 6/6


Normal service resumed for my final Spring Cup game. To be honest, just relieved not to fail.

Current and longest streak 114
Played 421
Average 4.04

S 71
P 71
A 3.92
Gary: "So Alan, what did you make of that?"
Alan: "Well Gary, Bakero has already qualified so clearly took his foot off the gas; on the beers already, as you would say. But as for @Dinner with Gotsmanov , I think he has made a dog's dinner of that game (Micah laughs uncontrollably in the background).
Gary: "So Bakero, safely through in first place on maximum points. Let's see who would take the second qualifying place between @IgglePiggle and @The Brighton Bear

Down in 4. Probably the end of my cup run.

I'm off to concentrate on the league.

Wordle 631 5/6*


Not too clever for a cup match.

Average: 4.05
Streak: 18
Longest Streak: 149
Played: 440

2023 Average: 3.96

Gary: "Well that was an exciting match. What did you make of the performances Ian?
Ian: "I have to say, I never fancied @Iggle Piggle to get through, but he played a blinder. But as for @The Brighton Bear, he only needs a draw to go through, but his finishing has really let him down. 3 greens after 3 goes, he's got to finish off chances like that. "
Gary: "Even Alan would have put that one away! (Micah falls off his chair, laughing so much).

Gary: "So, to confirm the results from today"

12/03/23DIggle Piggle4The Brighton Bear5
12/03/23DDinner with Gotsmanov6Bakero5

Gary: So, the final table looks like this:

Iggle Piggle3111131214Q
The Brighton Bear3120111013
Dinner with Gotsmanov3021131121

Gary: "And the Quarter Final Line Up is:

Starting Tomorrow:

Then To Be Confirmed once those games are completed (allowing for Replays)

Gary: "And that's all from Wordle of the Day. We hope to be talking about Football next weekend, especially as Brighton are playing Grimsby on the BBC. Get ready for some fish puns."
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