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[Albion] Albion v Northampton 30th September 1967

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Dec 10, 2017
Charlie Livesey was my hero. I wonder if the OP would like a list of all the fans who attended. Pretty sure I was there.

By coincidence we got him from Northampton



Jul 6, 2003
It was the first game that I went to and I am putting together a framed montage to go on my wall. I’ve got an illustration of the kits from John Devlin of @truecolourskits, a programme, that picture of Charlie Livesey, and I wanted to include the actual team and the attendance (13,546).

Regarding the kits, I doubt that the two worn on that day would be allowed these days. White sleeves, shorts and socks on both teams!

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Thanks for the answer, Fair play to you.


Aug 23, 2003
Alhaurin de la Torre
Missed that game too. Reason? I got married at St. Peter's Church in Preston village that day. No such thing as mobiles to keep up with the score:smile:

I should also add it was the day Radio 1 started.

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