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[Albion] ajax fans tomorrow night


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Apr 3, 2007
sorry if already been discussed but are the ajax fans doing the same as aek ,ie meeting at king and queen and then being bussed to amex,


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Jul 8, 2003
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Apr 11, 2016
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This is their official advice:

(via Google Translate)

On this page you will find all information about your visit to Brighton. We would like to thank you in advance for supporting Ajax during the away game in England. We advise you to read the information on this page carefully.
Thanks in advance and have a good trip to England!


Exchange procedure in Brighton​

For this away game, another exchange procedure applies on location. This means that with your exchange card (mobile ticket in the Ajax app) you can pick up the match card on location. With your match ticket you get access to the stadium.
The exchange of your card is only possible on presentation of your proof of identity (driver's license, passport, ID card or residence document) whose name corresponds to the buyer of the ticket. It is not possible to authorize someone to collect or transfer your match card. Before your trip, check carefully whether you are in possession of the necessary documents.
Exchange location and times
The exchange procedure will take place on Thursday 26 October from 11:00 – 16:00 (UK time) in the King & Queen pub. This large and cosy pub is located at 13 Marlborough Place, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1UB and has also been designated as a meeting point by the local authorities.
Please note that match tickets (entrance to the stadium) are provided once. In case of loss or theft, Ajax cannot provide a duplicate (copy) and therefore you will not be admitted to the stadium.

Stadium visit​


The American Express Community Stadium is the place where Brighton & Hove Albion play their home matches. The address is Village Way, Brighton BN19BL, United Kingdom.
Public transport and shuttle bus to the stadium
The match ticket that you receive when exchanging gives free access to the public transport connection from the center to the stadium and back. In addition, shuttle buses (recommended) are used from the King & Queen pub. These buses can accommodate about 900 passengers, so there is no guarantee that everyone can be transported with these buses.
Via organized bus transport to the stadium
Next to the visitors' box is a bus parking lot that is open during the day for coaches with Ajax supporters. If you are organizing a bus trip, please inform us via the Chat on about the number of buses, the scheduled arrival time in Brighton and the bus company you are using so that we can coordinate with Brighton that the bus is allowed.
Parking cars
Around the stadium there is no opportunity to park cars of away supporters. It is therefore advised to park in the city center and use public transport.

General information​

  • The stadium opens 2 hours before the start of the match, at 18:00. Be on time because the access control can take the necessary time.
  • England is no longer a member of the EU and therefore a passport is required to enter the country. Border checks may also take longer than before. Payment is also made with the pound.
  • The general emergency number in England is 112. A Dutch embassy is present in London. It is located at the following address: 38 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5DP, United Kingdom. The telephone number is +44 20 75 90 32 0.
  • For consular assistance and advice abroad, the Contact Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can also be reached 24/7 via +31 247 247 247 or via Twitter @247BZ.

Visit training​

Unfortunately, the local authorities have not given permission for the training to be opened to supporters.

Rules inside and outside the stadium​

The house rules of the stadium are almost the same as those in the Netherlands:
  • Tin and glassware are not allowed inside. Packs of soft drinks are allowed.
  • Large bags (larger than A4) are not allowed and there is only very limited storage space. So leave these items in hotel, bus or car.
  • Drunk persons are not allowed access to the stadium and can be arrested.
  • Just like in Dutch stadiums, smoking (incl. e-cigarette) is not allowed in the stadium
  • (Soft) Drug use and possession is prohibited. For this, one is arrested and may have to appear in court.
  • Rules regarding flags and banners are the same as those in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Flags larger than 1m2 must be demonstrably fire retardant by means of a certificate. Banners or other objects with, in the eyes of stewards, security personnel and/or the police, discriminatory or provocative texts, images or forms are not permitted.
  • The possession and/or lighting of torches or fireworks is a criminal offence for which one can be arrested and prosecuted. UEFA also hands out high penalties to the clubs if fireworks are set off. Perpetrators risk a national stadium ban (in the Netherlands) of at least 18 months and a corresponding fine. In addition, the fine imposed by UEFA on the club will be recovered from the perpetrator(s).
  • A (national) stadium ban is also in force if a Dutch club plays a match abroad. Violation of a stadium ban will lead to an extension and an additional fine.
  • Ajax supporters can be held up in the visitors' box for some time after the match before the stadium can be left. After the game, buses will be available to take supporters back to the centre.

Contact and updates Ajax​

Is the answer to your question not listed here? Then we are happy to help you via
Keep the X account (Twitter) @AjaxFancare and keep an eye on for any last-minute information.

Ticket sales​

The away game is sold out. Tickets are no longer transferable after purchase. Did you visit the away game on Thursday and successfully exchange it? Then you will receive a scan point in My Ajax within 2 weeks after the away game.


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Sep 1, 2017
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