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[Albion] AITC's official Community Matchday - Albion vs Brentford 1 April

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Albion in the Community

Albion in the Community
Mar 8, 2012
The time has come for AITC's official Community Matchday! During tomorrow's men's game against Brentford (1/4/2023) we'll have a big presence around the stadium to help spread the word about AITC.

Come and visit the AITC bus outside the stadium and come ready to donate!

In days gone by we used to collect £1 in buckets around the ground. As the Amex is now a cashless stadium, this year we'll collecting donations via card at the AITC bus near the outside food vendors.

  • Come and meet the AITC team at the bus, alongside some of the real participants we work with and some very special guests
  • Free entry to win a signed Albion shirt - just visit us at the bus
  • Practice your shooting at our inflatable goal (weather permitting)
  • Half-time interviews with AITC participants
Come ready to donate, show your support, and have a great time!

May 1, 2016
Oxton, Birkenhead
That is a big downfall to our newly found cashless society. The simple things of filling a bucket just can't happen anymore. 🙁
Using mainly cards doesn’t preclude you from having change. I always have some for stuff like this, supermarket trollies etc. Bought tickets and food with credit card at Tranmere last night but a programme with cash. The ‘cashless society’ just means a lot fewer trips to the cash point. Win win.

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