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[Help] 2nd hand car advice please

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Mar 27, 2013
Burgess Hill
OK then - any of you Hyundai fans up for a straight swap? a nice Lada estate......or a tuc tuc...........or a souped up Ford Fiesta with go-faster stripes.............anything better than a Hyundai i10..........

Not a fan and already got one in the family. I wouldn’t swap my motor for one...[emoji23][emoji23]

Stat Brother

Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
I guess I could go to America, they're not going to miss one:-


VW emissions scandal: German carmaker storing 300,000 diesels in 'graveyards'


Oct 24, 2009
West, West, West Sussex.
If you go for a Hyundai i10, fine, but don't expect you'll get the economy the spec promises. I've got a 2014 model, in mint condition, with only 30 K on the clock. However, no matter how lightly I touch the accelerator, how many tricks I use (like free wheeling up to traffic lights and road junctions) and normally travelling with only one-up (me) in the vehicle I can't even get close to 40mpg out of it.
Soon as he decent weather arrives (car selling season) I'm getting shot of the bl**dy heap of rubbish as quickly as I can.

Another happy Hyundai customer here.:bigwave:

Have you tried putting some air in your tyres?


Jul 10, 2003
Lucky you then! and David in Southampton too! I can only speak of the piece of rubbish I've got. Not only does it guzzle petrol, but the new clutch before it ad done 30K miles didn't impress me either! One thing's for sure, once I've got shot of the damn thing I won't be going within a million miles of another Hyundai!
By comparison, about three years ago, when my faithful Nissan Micra finally got just too old and worn (I bought it second hand, and had 130K pretty much trouble free and economical miles out of it) I treated myself to a fun car - a little soft top Ford in British Racing Green - I intended just to keep it briefly, because for many reasons it was impractical, and indeed, I bought the Hyundai to replace it. The Ford is a heavier, more solid car, with a 1600 engine, and I thoroughly enjoy whizzing it around a bit (when it is safe and legal to do so, of course), and I certainly don't take it easy. Economy-wise, as measured by MPG, it just about matches the Hyundai - and that's a car that isn't particularly designed for economy. Thankfully, I didn't get round to selling it - I'll do that when I've replaced the Hyundai pile of junk with a decent, sensible, economic car.

We've had three, great little runarounds and good VFM - sorry :)

basque seagull

Oct 21, 2012
I also need a new second hand car - am thinking Nissan Note, Honda Jazz or Toyota Yaris. Any other suggestions? Any advice would be gratefully received!!
I had a Honda Jazz and loved it....Amazing use of interior space....

Enviado desde mi MI 5 mediante Tapatalk


Aug 23, 2003
I also need a new second hand car - am thinking Nissan Note, Honda Jazz or Toyota Yaris. Any other suggestions? Any advice would be gratefully received!!
I have a Nissan note 1.6 auto ntec+ and love it. Economical, roomy and excellent value for money.
Sep 30, 2013
This is going well. Thanks for all the advice. My father-in-law recommended a Kia (7 year warranty) or Honda. Thoughts? Something about VW Golf-size.

Hugo Rune

Feb 23, 2012
Not buying but selling.

I’d like more than the 40% value you get from a PX or one of those places.

However, Autotrader is pricey.

Can anyone recommend any other methods such as Facebook Marketplace or EBay, I’m not sure what strategy to follow?

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