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£200 donated to cancer charities in memory of Alex, Alex Dawson oo! oo!

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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
NSC has made the donations below in memory of Nigel Beal, NSC's Alex, Alex Dawon oo! oo! who recently passed away.

£50 - The Fountain Centre. If you wish to donate to this charity, which is for cancer patients, their families and carers located in the St Luke’s cancer unit at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford, you can do so here:

£50 - St Catherine's Hospice. If you wish to donate to this charity, which helps to support people living with terminal illness in their homes, at their Day Hospice and on their wards, you can do so here:

£100 - Cancer Research UK. If you wish to donate to this world leading charity leading the fight on cancer, you can do so here:


Dec 10, 2003
Worcester England
[MENTION=6886]Bozza[/MENTION] thank you for those donations to a disease that is very close to my heart

Delete this post if you like or its a shameless plug

If anyone wanted to donate to these people that made my mothers last days bearable last year and let her pass peacefully they are another wonderful Cancer charity

Thanks [MENTION=6886]Bozza[/MENTION] for running such a great site and everything you do

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