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20 Years of North Stand Chat

Tim Over Whelmed

Well-known member
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Jul 24, 2007
July 2007 will be when you joined this version of NSC on vBulletin.

Indeed, can't remember when I actually joined though, not that it really matters! It could catch on though this Chat Room / Messgae Board lark!


Captain Hindsight
Jul 7, 2003
Lansdowne Place, Hove

Joined around 98/99, posting as The Real Slim Shady, whilst hanging out at [MENTION=3761]El Turi[/MENTION]'s gaff.

Quite enjoyed US's thread with pictures of NSCers. Also Pornomagboy's Leicester classic and Kev The Ape.


You can change this
Helpful Moderator
Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
I know that I was here prior to 2003 but can't remember when i joined. I think TOW is referring to Turkey-gate, when Turkey decided to help out Bozza by doing a little 'cleaning up' :angel:

Yep. So what happened, was, we moved messgeboard software and migrated post counts even though we didn't migrate the underlying posts. Then [MENTION=5]Turkey[/MENTION] clicked the "set everyone's post counts to the number of actual posts they have in the database" and whoooooooooosh they all went down.

The full details:!-*Turkeygate*

Curious Orange

Punxsatawney Phil
Jul 5, 2003
On NSC for over two decades...
Think I joined the old version of the board about 2001... 'twas like the Wild West in those days...

No changed much really, and I actually met FG once... at Guilfest of all places. I miss Yorkie though, she was like our NSC Mum.


Puppet Master

non sequitur
Aug 14, 2012
I wasn't here right at the start. I would have joined around 2001 time - I met Fatboy at University who introduced me to the site. I remember those days of manually entering your username (or just posting as "anonymous")... and the NSC meetup (at the pub whose name I've long forgotten), playing the 83 Cup Final on the big screen all evening!

Falmer stadium is a PIPE DREAM! (What was that guy's name.......?)

FG. He's gotta be Ernest now, surely?

what about Alison in Wonderland? And those two twattish Orient and Cardiff trolls, Bonio and Taffy

Man of Harveys

Well-known member
Jul 9, 2003
Brighton, UK
Err :blush:

Whatever happened to Dick Knights Mum, my memory isn't what it used to be?

She was never quite the same after they doubled her HRT prescription.

Monkey Man

Your support is not that great
Jan 30, 2005
Neither here nor there
I think I was there from the beginning, more or less. Much more anarchic and abusive in the old days, frequent hijacking by Dave The Eagle, and a smattering of softcore porn. However primitive the board in its various forms looks in retrospect, it was always (it seemed to me) head and shoulders above other clubs' forums. Well done to all who have made that happen.


Well-known member
May 20, 2009
Wow has it been around that long? Started reading it in 2002 when travelling and needing my Albion fix.
Had no idea it existed before then.

Greg Bobkin

Silver Seagull
May 22, 2012
I was on from around the start...we have lost some good people since those days....sarah, Tony L, Frank....

Also whatever happened to nIce Mr hitler..NMH? Someone said he moved to Sweden, but I miss his putdowns.

I don't see that Granny whatsisname on here much any more, thank goodness :)

Sussex Nomad

Well-known member
Aug 26, 2010
Think I started lurking around the turn of the century but could never be arsed, forgot about it and got on with normaldom. Then I started searching for Amex build pics around 2009'ish and stumbled back across here glued to the next instalment of Everest and Jack Straw's new pictopia updates. Then one night in my hovel, very drunk I decided that all Brighton supporters in Camden needed a voice and thrust myself forward as our spokesman. And that was it really.


Well-known member
Mar 16, 2009
LA...wishing it was devon..
i was def around in another guise before 9/11.... as i know i posted on the thread that got printed off and taken out to NY when someone paid a visit soon after. my old user name says 03 join though..l so no clue!! def think the list has got better with age.... like a fine wine..(unless the faversham wine lake has been drained??!!)

Ex-Staffs Gull

New member
Jul 5, 2003
Adelaide, SA
The original GJC site and mailing list about 1996. Fun days... best was fans united, worst was learning rob in ny was in the trade center through the chat room.

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