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[Albion] £14.95 to a Brighton foodbank instead - Monday PPV vs. West Brom.

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Mar 18, 2010
that depends, if the PPV revenue is negotiate indivudal clubs or with the League.

Of course it depends, it's a doorway that is being opened that we don't really know what's behind or where it goes, but we can take an educated guess, especially in conjunction with the whole 'Big Picture' proposals and European Super League etc.


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Feb 3, 2008
I'm not sure anyone has said it's okay, just that it's available. Watching a stream also doesn't give football the opportunity to develop new commercial models and viewing platforms going into future. PPV only goes one way, individual clubs being able to negotiate and earn their respective share of the market place. That only goes one way, the top clubs getting an even greater take.

It's fine if you believe this to be a sensible step for football to take. We already see what this means to the likes of Real and Barca who negotiate their own TV money independent of the rest of Spanish football.

PPV doing well as an experiment may benefit the smaller clubs in the immediate short term with a little extra £££. Longer term, it simply isn't going to.

Lol....surely just by watching they are saying it’s ok


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Jul 6, 2003
Because the poster in question is arguing that people who are saying they will pay for the PPV games are "unpaid Sky/BT Marketing assistants".
The reality is that Sky/BT don't want PPV.

That wasn't the argument - it was simply a quip.

The point was: It's a thread suggesting that Albion fans give £14.95 to a foodbank instead of a broadcast company - to help a charity and send a message to football authorities.

So I don't think it's "sanctimonious" to support that notion... especially as a few fans are (repeatedly) using the charity thread to argue for PPV!

Anyway, I'm sure everyone has made up their mind by now. Enjoy the game (on the radio). :p
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Sep 28, 2011
Last Season Sky and BT both received rebates from the Premier League. despite being given more games to broadcast than they would previously have been allowed.
Not being a Sky BT subscriber, I was forced to pay £70 to be able to watch the albion games after restart. Most of these games would not have been televised.

The subscribers must have benefitted from this, whilst screwing the clubs.
Now the Clubs are trying to recover some of their lost revenue, the fans and broadcasters are conspiring to prevent it being successful.

In this context, i can understand Paul Barber's faux pas.

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Oct 25, 2020

Yup, I am donating to a food bank, will listen on radio.
I am also a season ticket holder at Gillingham. All the Gills home games are FREE on ifollow to season tickets , £10 for away games. Why don’t Albion do the same?
Don't think they are allowed to by the EPL TV deals.


Aug 9, 2005
I see Brighton & Hove Mission have said they have received fan donations of over £4000 this week. They have a virgin giving page. I donated to this, and I’m listening to a crap talk sport commentary. So, either swell their coffers, or maybe choose another. Anyway, we’ll done you.


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Sep 14, 2011
News reports today that one of the PPV matches had less than 1000 subscribers. The boycotts going well it appears.

Talk of reducing the price to £10 or £5. Going the right direction- eventually they might get rid of the charges and realise that Sky / BT / Amazon viewers are paying a subscription already and maybe that can suffice in the current circumstances. Seemed to work fine like that last season.

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