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    Which Albion players have you seen out doing their shopping and what was in their basket?

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    Have you ever encountered an Albion player in a supermarket and if so did you have a peek into their basket? Did you even go out of your way to get a better view.

    One Christmas Eve I saw Bong with who I presumed to be about four members of his family in my local supermarket. They were standing in the checkout queue. In his basket my eye was drawn to a single oversize christmas bauble. I couldn't help thinking that he was leaving it a bit late to decorate his tree.

    A few months later I was walking through the same supermarket car park when I noticed a well groomed looking young man in front of me in tracksuit bottoms and tshirt. As he was walking he kept pulling the legs of his tracksuit bottoms up to achieve that "half mast" look that appears to have become popular. He seemed quite intent on maintaining "the look" because everytime his trouser leg obeyed the natural laws of gravity as he was walking he hoisted them up again. My first natural reaction was that he was a bit of a knob. It was then I realised that I was looking at none other than Beyram Kayal. I felt immediately guilty for the negative opinion I had formed of him and proceeded to follow him into the supermarket straight to the butchers counter whereupon he requested a large piece of beef steak. Unfortunately I didn't notice which cut. Only about two minutes later I noticed him in the checkout queue! He was obviously a man on a mission.

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