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    ***Worlds Hardest Creature VIII: Second round GAME FIVE***

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    Here we go then with the second batch of second round games. You have 24 hours to vote. Straight head to head. We're looking for pound for pound hardness.

    Game five combatants:

    Mantis Shrimp
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    Group stage: 2nd group D(20 votes)

    A revelation last year the reigning champion has made a low key start to the defence of his crown this time round, finishing in second spot in Group D with 20 votes. This mini monster of the sea-only 30cm's long-packs an incredible punch....a puch so hard he can break the glass in an aquarium. He can be split into one of two mantis shrimps: smasher or spearer. The smasher has a club like claw while the spearer has a claw that resembles a spear. Both claws are used in the same way, unleashed at devastating speed (23 metres per second) creating a force of some 1500newtons with which they hit their prey. This hit by itself is enough to smash or eviscerate its prey, but just incase it doesn't, the speed with which they strike creates a cavitation bubble between their claw and the surface it is about to strike. When this cavitation bubble collapses just after the strike it creates a shockwave of such power that this alone is enough to kill the victim. So even if the Mantis shrimp misses you with his claw....the shockwave will kill you.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	seagull1-1-07.jpg 
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    Group Stage: Won 4th place play off, Group C

    The Seagull swooped(sorry!) into the knockout stages after beating the Japanese giant hornet in a play off for the final qualifying berth in Group C. A new comer to the competition he's got a tough second round draw but as the saying goes if you want to be the best you've got to beat the best. So, what does the seagull have to offer? Well, first up it is a highly intelligent and brave bird. It has been known to fly into the mouths of surfacing whales to peck out flesh to eat. It loves to dive bomb its victims and will eat just about anything. Will have a go on its own but also loves to attack in a mob. Can take out prey on land, at sea or in the air.


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