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    I thought it was Americans who were **** at Geography

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    Us Brits are getting there:

    Favourite bits
    It's a good job most of us don’t need maps to reach European holiday destinations – as a third wouldn’t have a clue where to look.
    When shown a map, 53 per cent of Britons booked to go to Cyprus thought it was part of mainland Greece while just under a half thought Turkey was in the Ukraine.
    Almost a quarter of those off to Spain pointed to France while 14 per cent of people looking for French resorts gestured towards its tiny neighbour of Belgium.
    A similar proportion confused Italy with Belarus and, incredibly, 24 per cent of holidaymakers booked up for Ireland identified Spain.
    When people were asked where France was, 22 per cent thought it was Germany while 29 per cent thought it was Greece.
    The voice of hindsight.
    Bring back Chris Hughton.


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