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[Albion] Your Semi-Final ticket buying strategy

How are you going to play your semi-final ticket purchasing?

  • STH - buying within the STH tiers

    Votes: 218 43.4%
  • STH - waiting for members/guests to buy with

    Votes: 118 23.5%
  • STH - not going

    Votes: 15 3.0%
  • Member - buying straight away

    Votes: 69 13.7%
  • Member - waiting for guests to buy with

    Votes: 21 4.2%
  • Member - not going

    Votes: 13 2.6%
  • Non-STH/Member - buying if/when I can

    Votes: 33 6.6%
  • Non-STH/Member - not going

    Votes: 15 3.0%

  • Total voters
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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
24,000 season ticket holders, say 20,000 purchase. Leaving 14,000.

Anyone ascertained how many members the club has? Many of these have no interest in the Albion eg we have Newcastle and Spurs friends who go only to that Amex fixture each season.


WSU Ruffian
Jul 5, 2003
STH + guests to buy for, so I'll be hanging back.

Any idea how many guest tickets a STH can scoop up ? I was assuming 3. Can'tr remember what happened in 2019.
It was 2 guests per STH for the home cup games against Liverpool and Grimsby


You can change this
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
There is an option missing - STH but waiting for other STHs with lower priority. Our group are a mix of P1 and P2 but if we want to be together, will have to wait.
I could have been clearer in my wording, but that scenario is the first one "STH - buying straight away".

Edit: I don't see that scenario as waiting beyond the broad tier you are in, ie STH.


Plastic JCL
Sep 14, 2016
Missed a category: STH waiting for other STH in lower window.

*Edit* see I’m beaten to it. Though wouldn’t call that buying straight away as that implies as soon as you possibly can.


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2022
As soon as my Albion+ says I can get tickets I will be on it - that said, I am low priority (understandably) and not keen to be “up in the Gods”

When we go to Wembley for England with my son’s Grassroots club we are always way up high. I would gladly pay for Cat2 seats but will wait my turn as is only right. Tend to get lucky on Albion+ ticket exchange for home games and have sat different areas but always really good.


ID10T Error
Jun 24, 2011
My son and I are both in ST tier 1, so I will be buying on the first day, (and paying for both tickets - joy)
I feel your pain.

I'm paying for mine and both sons in ST teir 1.

The eldest being 20, and somehow convinced me it was a good idea to pay for his season ticket again this year.

I still trying to work out how its a good idea. ???

Wardy's twin

Oct 21, 2014
Billy no mates, so will get mine as soon as STH P1 opens ......

2019 went with friends and had too much to drink so hopefully sober(ish) this time.

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