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[Albion] Your player of the mini-season-so-far


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Dec 18, 2017
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Difficult really. Many players have blown hot and cold, and due to rotation a lot of good performers have had their time on the pitch limited. As a result there's no stand outs.

I guess given his consistency and adaptability, it has to be Gross.

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Jul 23, 2003
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Bizarre that anyone would suggest anything other than Lewis Dunk or Pascal Groß.

In terms of both standards and consistency, they've been head and shoulders above everybody ese (as usual).
This. Our two most important players currently.

Big mentions to Fati, Gilmour and Velts though.


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Mar 8, 2008

Great to see Adingra and Fatti shining for us recently.


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Oct 20, 2022
Tough to not make it all about the same two or three players this thread! However where we are as a team now is not where we want to be by the end of the season - we want to be ’better’ - for that, all our players have to continuously improve IMO - nobody is playing at 100% of their ability or consistently well - My player of the season so far therefore is the player that has shown the most individual improvement - so while Dunk and Gross of course are easy answer for the ‘best players’ we have in the squad, I have another group who imo, have shown continuous improvement this season, that qualifies them as the challengers for the POTMS for me:

1. Van Hecke has shown pockets of amazing potential so far, notably against Ajax away, he has settled in well and has improved enormously since the beginning of the season but has made some glaring errors so he doesn’t win 1st place but is on his way to being one of this season’s best newcomers imo.
2. Gilmour continues to astonish me - his improvement is exponential but he doesn’t make the poll position either - still too erratic and light weight at times for the task he has been given imo.
3. Buonanotte (you knew I would!) has been on a faster trajectory of continuous improvement than any other player for me this season and has been consistent in his improvement too - unfortunately still not aggressive enough going forward for me when he has the ability to do so, so he doesn’t win either but comes close.
4. Finally there’s Fati - who not only within months has shown us a steep improvement and settled in to the team like duck to water but is the most exiting player on the pitch for me at the moment- I watch that player and every subtle move screams to me of the former prodigy he was at Barca and that for me is incredible when I think where he will be in 6 months time if he continues to get his game back on as he has been doing under RDZ this season so far - I only wish he were ours but I’m not going to knock him out of poll position because he’s a loanee.


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