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Your iTunes - What's playing RIGHT NOW?

Deano's Right Foot

Well-known member
Jul 5, 2003
If your iTunes is on shuffle, what is playing right now?

Good, bad, popular or obscure...

*waits for Simply Red track to finish* :blush:

Okay and mine is

"How Do You Know" by Suckle from their Against Nurture album.

I'll class that as obscure then.


Lazy as a rug on Valium
Sep 2, 2004
The free state of Kemp Town
Nothing, I use Winamp because iTunes is SHITE.

Can't believe I find myself agreeing with MYOB!


In London village.
Have been playing "Out on the Streets" by Koaste (do I get NSP cred points, now ?)

Beach Hut

Brighton Bhuna Boy
Jul 5, 2003
Living In a Box
I have a Rio - Young Americans, David Bowie

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