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[Football] World (Tainted) Cup Bets....

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Paulie Gualtieri

Bada Bing
May 8, 2018
Turned to shit unfortunately... tempo was way too slow.

On paper it seemed plausible based on the expected outcome and style of play.

Argentina and Denmark (currently) have ruined todays coupon anyway!

Still up from the opening day, we go again


May 13, 2019
465 kronor to play with.

My two bets (Bet365) for the first two games:
50 kr on Saudi Arabia over 1 card in first half in their game against Argentina. Odds: 4.00
50 kr on Tunisia vs Denmark both teams to receive 2+ cards. 3.75.


tinky ****in winky
Jul 11, 2003
town full of eejits
games to have penalties

qtr v ecu in
eng v ihn in
usa v wls in
fr v aus pending
port v ghna pending
bras v serb pending

$10.00 @ 750 /1 to win 7.5 k

20 of us all did similar bets all winnings to be pooled and split between us ....only one game so far without a pen.

Is it PotG?

Well, is it?
Feb 20, 2017
Sussex by the Sea
Australian online betting platform TAB confirmed an unfortunate punter had placed a seemingly safe bet of $160,000(AUS) (£89,648) on Lionel Messi's men to emerge victorious.

At odds of $1.13 the bet stood to return $180,000(AUS) (£101,302), a profit of $20,000(AUS) (£11,206).

Unfortunately for the high-roller, Saudi Arabia's Green Falcons pulled of historic win, stunning the world and leaving a sizeable dent in his wallet.


May 13, 2019
Todays bets:
Japan over 1 corners first half - 2.20. Option: over 2 corners second half, 4.50.
Costa Rica over 2 cards - 2.25

Previous bets:
Denmark & Tunisia both over 2 cards @3.75 - lost
Saudi Arabia over 1 cards in first half @4.00 - lost
Netherlands 1.5+ goals England 1.5+ goals combo @3.44 - won
England over 3 corners first half @3.25 - won
Qatar over 2 corners first half @3.25 - lost
Qatar - Ecuador both teams over 2 cards @2.65 - won

Started with 100 kr, now 250 kr in the bank. Bad day yesterday but hopefully at least one win today.
Feb 23, 2009
Brighton factually.....
So I have wasted £70.00, I took prices

Win tournament e/w places 1 & 2
£ 7.50 e/w Uraguay @ 40/1 (stupid bet really)

Top goal scorer e/w 1-4th
£12.50 e/w Naymar @ 12/1
£7.50 e/w Nunez @ 33/1
£7.50 e/w Giroud @ 33/1 (now about 12/1)


May 13, 2019
Now splashing some money on "any team to get a penalty" bets in every game where the odds are over 2.50. Expect the odds to become lower soon. Not gonna win it every time but I do think it will happen on average in every second game.

Adding a late one for the last game:
Belgium 2.5+ goals 3.00
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Guinness Boy

“Self appointed racist finder general”
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 23, 2003
Up and Coming Sunny Portslade
A free hit for me tomorrow being up over a fiver on the pot. Have gone for Korea to beat Uruguay at an amazingly generous 9/4. £27.50 for a fiver staked if that comes in. Pot still up by a whopping 2.48 if not

Paulie Gualtieri

Bada Bing
May 8, 2018
Bad run the last two days with “big teams” embarrassing themselves.

Up marginally but a poor run rate for day 5

Brazil & Portugal to have more than 3 corners each in their first halves 6.5/1


We're f*cking brilliant!
Feb 1, 2011
Probably working!
Some heart-based bets

Lamptey on Paddy Power
Vs Portugal

To score first 60/1
To score last 60/1
Anytime goalscorer 25/1
To score 2+ 300/1
To score 3+ 500/1
To score or assist 11/2

Surely 60/1 is to big to score first if he starts or score last if he comes on.
Or Anytime at 25/1!
If he does score and they win 1-0 all three bets win!

As I said very much heart based💙🤍


We're f*cking brilliant!
Feb 1, 2011
Probably working!
Also I have bet on no goalscorer in Switzerland vs Cameroon at 7/1.

*Top Tip*
If you ever fancy 0-0 always check the no goalscorer odds, if they are the same (as they are here with PP) always bet no goalscorer, that way you still win if only own goals are scored.

BTW I am not in anyway suggesting 0-0/no goalscorer is a top tip in this game!
If there was a competition for the worlds worst football gambler, I would lose or actually come second if first place won money!

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