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[Football] World Cup Betting/Tips/Advice

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Oct 8, 2008
For those that will be watching and having a punt,it would be good to see if anyone has spotted some good value bets as the tournament approaches I've had a quick mooch so far and have placed a small bet on Mitoma @10s to be Japan's top goalscorer,hard to know if that's good value without knowing if he will start the first game but if he does I'd imagine that 10-1 offer would be halved.

So it's a bit of a punt to say the least but I reckon he will bag at least 3 goals even as a sub in the group games.

Can't see anything else that I'm going to take a punt on just yet but if anyone spots a good thing then post it up, no-one will say anything bad to you if it's a crap tip, because we're all lovely and fluffy apparently.


May 13, 2019
I'll have a free £9 (or 100 kr to be specific) bet every match day as part of a writing gig. Nice not to have use my own money.

First set of group games is always very difficult though because it is difficult to know how well the teams have prepared and how they're gonna play during the tournament.

First game, Qatar vs Ecuador, is a bit of a nightmare to predict. Qatar has a better team than many think, and they've been training together for several months now. But Ecuador is a defensively structured team and they're also not in a position where they will underestimate any opponent.

Very difficult to predict that game, other than it will be a low-scoring affair.

Jesus Gul

Feb 23, 2004
Gone for Iran, Saudi, Tunisia and Costa Rica to win their groups - 25p returns £70k or 0p
Also a Lucky 31 with the above 4 plus Ecuador to qualify from their groups. C'mon the underdogs

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