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[Albion] Will we get ravaged in the summer?

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Nobby Cybergoat

Jul 19, 2021
At this point I'm still enjoying having all the big guns and hoping(hoping not necessarily expecting) that Ally Mac and Caicedo will still be with us next season.

So players that we could lose could be:

Sanchez. If he doesn't regain his place I'd expect him to be sold. It makes sense for both parties - he doesn't want to risk his place in the Spain squad for too long and for us he's a player we can get a decent fee for while not missing him(in that he's not playing in the first team rather than he's not any good).

Gilmour's future interests me. He's a player with a fine reputation from his time at Chelsea and with Scotland but he's had hardly any playing time with us and struggled at Norwich last year. He's another player that we could get a solid fee for(at least what we paid to get him) while his loss would not impact the first team.

Lamptey could be another whose sale would bring in money without affecting the first team too much. I don't want to lose him but he came to us to get game time and this season hasn't had a whole lot of it. Of the three I've mentioned he's the one I'd be most reluctant to sell.

If selling those three meant we didn't need to sell Caicedo or Ally Mac then I'd be on board. I reckon we could get 50-60m or so for them.
I agree on Sanchez. If he's second choice he'll want to go and we won't stand in his way. I doubt we'll get megabucks

Gilmour. I can see him going. He seems down the pecking order.

Lamptey. I would be surprised if we sold. Not least because we only currently have 3 full backs and he covers both positions.


Well-known member
Jul 5, 2003
I was kind of refering to first team players. Ostigard and Maupay weren't first team players (Maupay had barely played in the second half of the season)and then Cucu went for mega money...
Barely played? He played in 32 games and was our top scorer :lolol:
Jul 7, 2003
I agree on Sanchez. If he's second choice he'll want to go and we won't stand in his way. I doubt we'll get megabucks

Gilmour. I can see him going. He seems down the pecking order.

Lamptey. I would be surprised if we sold. Not least because we only currently have 3 full backs and he covers both positions.
I think we can get 20-25m for Sanchez if we sold him in the summer. Like Mendy at Chelsea he's not necessarily lost his place because he's a bad keeper but because he doesn't fit the style of play of the new manager. After some of the sales we've made and bids turned down I don't know if that counts as mega bucks anymore?

Lamptey I agree. I'd rather not sell him, I think(or at least hope) that he can offer down the right what Estupinian does down the left. He came here to play games however so I'm not sure if he's overjoyed at being second choice left back and in a three man rotation for right back. If De Zerbi does think he's dispensable he's a player that can raise another 20-25m so if that means we wouldn't need to sell Caicedo or Mac Allister then reluctantly I'd be on board with selling Lamptey.


Jul 8, 2003
I posted this on the De Zerbi thread a few days back…

“Until recently I’ve been working on the theory that I really need to bathe in the fruity goodness of this season because this might well be as good as it gets. It felt nailed on that the big clubs would be forming an orderly queue in the close season and we’d be looking at a very different squad come August.

Now I’m daring to dream a little beyond August. The club’s excellent work in lining up new deals for Mac Allister, Caicedo, Lallana and Solly suggests we are serious about keeping this squad together by forcing any suitors into having to offer truly eye watering sums.

What really has me thinking some of our biggest names might be about next season is the absolutely rave reviews RDZ seems to be attracting from the players themselves. It genuinely feels like there’s just something a little extra about the guy and that the players would gladly sell a lung for him.

It might well just be the seagull tinted spectacles, but I’m wondering if the club is going all out to hang onto this squad for one more season to have a serious tilt at breaking the big boys’ club and that RDZ is the lynchpin in keeping them together.“

It just feels like the club is going to try very hard to keep as much of this squad together as possible, at least for one more season. That’s not to say that seriously silly money won’t be offered to test that. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.
"Seagull tinted spectacles" :lolol:


Jul 7, 2003
Caicedo will stay for another season. Same goes for Mitoma and Estupinan. We have no need to sell any of them, and they've all done just the one season. We tend not to let players go that early unless we've found an alternative. Ferguson is 18, if he is switched on, he'll know that he's in the perfect place to grow into a quality Premier League striker. No chance we sell him - again, he's only just broken into the first team and signed a proper first teamer's contract.

As others have said, Sanchez may go if he feels his place is under threat. In fact, I'd argue that was actually quite likely if it is decided that Carl Rushworth is ready to step up.

The only player who I feel will go that we'd rather keep is Ale Mac, and that is only if he wants to go. There may be one sale that none of us ever saw coming (being offered silly money for Solly March maybe?) but equally we've got Simon Adringa and host of players on loan, some of whom are going to come back much better (Alzate at Liege, Ed Turns at Orient, Rushworth etc)


Jun 20, 2020
Think that’s already happening. Since the accounts are from last year and recently there’s been a lot of contract activity, your wish may have been granted
Indeed, I think it’s fairly obvious from the recent new contracts our best players have signed that our wage structure is nudging north somewhat and we’re paying players more now than we ever before. As ever I trust the club to be managing this sensibly and within the means of what our income allows.


Pocket Rocket
Jul 8, 2003
Here and There
If we qualify for Europe, I don't see any going. I've decided to try and enjoy the summer when it comes around, and it'll be fun winding up all our players suitors. Regardless on whether they get sold or not. Tony WILL rinse them should they go.


Sep 28, 2021
I'll be really suprised if we sell both Ali Mac and Moises. One at most, and would expect an experienced CM in the Mwepu mould to be brought in with the funds.


Jan 27, 2009
Shoreham Beach
I have said it before. Currently our top players offer relatively poor value in the transfer market. Even our World Cup Winner has less than two years premier league experience and yet we want huge fees for them.

I know it seems like some clubs have bottomless budgets, but you have to be supremly confident you are buying a star player to pay the sort of money we are asking. I am not a big Grealish fan at all, but Man City bought an English player who Aston Villa had built a team around. Personally I reckon they have not got great value for money, but you can see the thinking.


Feb 8, 2005
Wonder if other clubs have posts like this throughout the season?

Don’t worry about it, enjoy the season and let those that get paid the big ££ worry about which players will go.
For what it is worth I don’t think we will lose anyone that we don’t want to, namely current first team players.


Sep 1, 2017
Deepest, darkest Sussex
Think it’s pretty nailed on Caicedo leaves this summer.

I’d argue there’s a good case to be made for all the others staying, especially if (if) we do get Europe


Solly March Fan Club
Nov 22, 2007
Sarisbury Green, Southampton
As a late bloomer and a special, unique talent, Mitoma is an interesting one. He’s 26 in May and with speed being one of his main assets, how much of a hurry is he going to be in to get to the top level?

Obviously Mac Allister and Caicedo are great players, but Mitoma has been the game changer for us this season. He’s irreplaceable.


Jun 26, 2009
Where would we be if we lost say Caicedo, McAllister AND Mitoma in the summer?
About £250m richer, but with Gilmour & Gross in the engine room (Moran helping put) and Adingra on the wing?

Flippant answer aside, if those three did go (unlikely), there would be a very large amount of money there to help recoup historical losses and also seek at least 1 (probably 2) Estupinan-level replacements and a couple or three longer-term investments. 1 or 2 'fringe' players get their chance to shine and the conveyor belt rumbles on*.

*As simple as that sounds, there will clearly be times when it doesn't quite work out as well as the Cucurella to Estipinan example

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