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[Football] Why would you own up to this?

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Jan 13, 2015
I actually flew to La Palma Tenerife instead of Las Palma's Gran Canaria.

The daftest thing about it was . I was booking to meet up with My Dad and had booked his correctly from Glasgow to Las Palma's. But then erroneously booked mine from Gatwick to La Palma.

My Dad is in his 80s and I book all his trains and flights as he can't use a Computer.

After he called me to ask why I was late. I explained. I would be an hour or two late because I had to book inter Canaria flight from La Palma to Las Palmas.

His unsympathetic response was. " Ya stupid bastarrrd. Talk about me not being able to use a computer. You can't even use a fukkkkin Atlas - You would get lost in the Co:Op Car Park. Give me a ring when you arrive. I'm off to find a pub "

And the thing is I book flights every year to Las Palmas just to take my Dad there every year so that he is not on his own for Xmas. So it isn't like I hadn't done it before. So I don't even have an excuse.

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