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[Football] Who you do want to get relegated from the Premier League?

Who do you want to be relegated from the Premier League?

  • Crystal Palace

    Votes: 158 54.3%
  • Nottingham Forest

    Votes: 20 6.9%
  • Leicester City

    Votes: 16 5.5%
  • Leeds United

    Votes: 170 58.4%
  • West Ham United

    Votes: 53 18.2%
  • Wolves

    Votes: 15 5.2%
  • Bournemouth

    Votes: 103 35.4%
  • Everton

    Votes: 216 74.2%
  • Southampton

    Votes: 75 25.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Austrian Gull

Feb 5, 2009
Linz, Austria
So, we're pretty much halfway through the season and the table has taken shape. My question to you is - who would you like to see go down?

I've gone for Everton (hysterical fans/Dyche), Leeds (Marsch is annoying but not as annoying as their fans) and Bournemouth (tinpot club doing a Portsmouth - just spending on players).


Je Suis Rhino
Apr 25, 2009
Obviously I'd love Palace t drop but as that seems unlikely I shall have to hang on to the hope that they remain in the Prem, looking up jealously at their superior rivals.


Feb 25, 2016
I'm not sure if admitting this will get me a ban, but in recent days I've found myself disliking Leeds far, far less. Now they have lost their 'Bielsa will have us top 4 in our second-season hubris', they seem much more likable. They've been vocal in their admiration for how we are run, and our push back against the big boys. Obviously they haven't changed as fans, but I guess they hadn't actually realised the difference between a good first season (momentum, togetherness) and actual sustainable progress. They know now.

Would prefer Leeds stay up.


In the Algarve
Jan 31, 2012
Vilamoura, Portugal
Everton, Leeds and Southampton. The first two because they are extremely arrogant and dislikeable, Southampton because they are just not good enough for the Prem.


Feb 1, 2009
Well my first choices would be Arsenal (let the entitled so-and-sos find out what it's like to have to try to get promoted - something they've never done) and Chelsea (how many reasons do you want!) - but that ain't going to happen, sadly.
Actually I don't mind Everton - or Dyche - at all, but as they've been in the top division for longer than I can remember, perhaps it would be good to see them with the biggest, most expensive stadium in the Championship. Same with West Ham - their massive tax-payer funded council house of a stadium would be funny in the 2nd. tier too.
So, Everton and West Ham for me - don't really care who the third one is. Oh, OK then - Leeds!
Last edited:


May 23, 2016
Forest because signing 28 players in your first season back is a bit mental.

Leeds have settled on American soccer players to help them improve, that's not going to end well.

Everton I actually quite like Dyche but I doubt Everton's superstars will enjoy his style as they all seem to think they're Ronaldo.
I've gone for Everton (hysterical fans/Dyche), Leeds (Marsch is annoying but not as annoying as their fans) and Bournemouth (tinpot club doing a Portsmouth - just spending on players).
I’ll very much agree with the above, except it’s the term “tinpot” I don’t like to use. Nothing wrong with small struggling clubs, over the years I’ve been passionate for Peacehaven & Telscombe over the years, we fix holes in the ceiling with gaffer tape and the chilli we feed the away team post match is made from an animal that doesn’t exist anymore

Mr Bridger

Sound of the suburbs
Feb 25, 2013
100% Leeds.
Think they can come in to the premier league, with their entitled fans, with silly haircuts and run around a lot.
Piss off back to the championship.

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