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Who is your favourite person on NSC ?


Jul 13, 2005
South Wales (im not welsh !!)
I have a bottomless well of appreciation for Bozza and all of the moderators who keep this monu-mental edifice from crumbling around us.
All the REMF people........ salt of the earth.
Lady Gull, Tedebear, Lush and Edna for an alternative (common sense) view and Gwylan, Bens Grandad, Freddie Goodwin, Taybha and other possibly older posters with whom I naturally identify.
Bring Back Brian Wade and others who post matchday threads and risk the oprobrium of all and sundry if/when we lose.
Meades Ball, Beach Hut, Easy 10, Ernest and any number of others who add humour
Mr Burns and TCB and one or two others for having skin thicker than an ageing rhinocerous......................................

................................. there are positive multitudes of seriously good people on here.

Mind you, there are also a few I would be very happy not to bother with either here or in the real world - the racists, the bigots and the wind-up-merchants :lol:

It's taken 7 pages, but a top post :thumbsup:


New member
Dec 5, 2008
lots of funny and seemingly kind people and its hard to choose a winner but i will go for a poster sadly no longer with us but constantly made me smile and still does when i think back and read some old threads .

Defrocked Priest


Well-known member
Sep 9, 2003
Thames Ditton
This is an old thread that has been revived.
Since my previous reply, Robot Chicken (Simon Sissling) is no longer with us unfortunately. :angel:
and @Bens Grandad

don't like how all the archived threads are no longer on the main board. Some would be nice to bring back. A bit of nostalgia @Bozza ?

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