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[Football] Who is watching too much televised football?

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports


Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
Is it naive to watch a game like this and think "we'd stuff both of these"?
A good question. . . . Superfringe has beaten BObtalian a few times . . . But not necessarily on a level playing field. . . . I think that will change soon . Despite the tedium to watch, you need to be good to stifle a team with some top quality players, and make it look like a funeral procession! 😂

Easy 10

Brain dead MUG SHEEP
Jul 5, 2003
Location Location
I've become accustomed (spoilt) to watch just about every Albion away game these days on TV. I think the only game of ours I haven't seen this season was the Arsenal cup game away, which seemed to have some kind of weird TV and online blackout.

I'll watch most of the Sky games at the weekend regardless of who it is, even if its on just as bit of background. There's a fairly routine danger of a Sunday lunchtime or afternoon jobby down the local with a Sports pullout.

What I really enjoy is a Sky Sports midweek-er when there's a whole load of games. Get a BTTS and an Acca on, see all the EFL goals as they go in, and sit there with a beer and a pen, crossing them off bingo-style. Marvellous (but usually frustrating). The doris has her rubbish on, I just crack on with the laptop. Happy days.


Hot blood and big balls
Oct 17, 2008
I just love football, but I have to reel it in or I end up watching too much. Premier League and local grassroots (Seaford, Lewes) for me now. Watched Chelsea last night in Europe, one of the first European matches I watched all season.

World Cups/Euros/Olympics are a different matter…


Jul 14, 2014
Not too much, no. In Indonesia, all Premier League matches are streamed and retained for some days at least, so it's possible to watch every one. I just watch all of ours and usually a few others, mainly big ones like LIVMUN as they put it or. ones that may affect our position.


Mar 8, 2008
Don't have Sky, BT or any of those - waste of money. So it's MoTD for me and that's about it. I might buy a day pass occasionally, but mainly just to watch us if we're away and I'm not going. If there's a game on I'm interested in, I'll listen to the radio commentary (or very occasionally, go to the pub).


Up the Albion!
Jul 8, 2003
On the ocean wave
I'm onboard a ship out of the west coast of the states. We get no football at all, just Yank shite. 10 weeks with zero football, just catching up with short highlights of the Albion on YouTube, if the WiFi is working. Please don't complain about too much football.

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