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[Albion] Who do you want to win the Premier League ?

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Who do you want to win the Premier League ?

  • Liverpool

    Votes: 151 61.9%
  • Manchester City

    Votes: 93 38.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Uncle Spielberg

Jul 6, 2003
Was Man City but has to be Liverpool now after the saltiness and entitlement of their fans yesterday. Truely shocking lack of class from them

Still we have an opportunity to burst their balloons on 12th May

Who do you want to win the Premier League ?


Oct 1, 2017

This season, though, Liverpool I guess - I know he's marmite but I quite like Klopp. Not overly fussed but it would be good not to have City celebrating winning the league at the Amex, too
Jan 3, 2012
Another Not Liverpool here..... although now realising City fans don't deserve it.

Of the big 6, I'd rather see Arsenal.

Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
Definitley Liverpool, I was talking to a City fan who was a bit of a condescending **** and telling me that games like yesterday were a sideshow to them, it was only the Premier League title of the four competitions they are trying to win that was important.

Just reinforced my hope that they lost it, hopefully courtesy of an Albion safe from relegation on the last day of the season :thumbsup:

Can you imagine how much fun that would be?

Bry Nylon

Test your smoke alarm
Jul 21, 2003
Playing snooker
The laughable thing about Man City is that Sheikh Mansour would walk away in a heatbeat and buy any other of the Top Six, if one of them ever became available on the market. And I reckon deep down City fans probably realise that too.

Official Old Man

Uckfield Seagull
Aug 27, 2011
Plan B
Lets all go on holiday on the 11th May. Cram 3000 City fans into an otherwise empty stadium and show them the utter disrespect that they showed us.
As that wont work then Plan C. If we can ruin their party then I'm really up for that and believe so are the players. Should they win the title at the Amex then I'm out at 88 minutes, couple of beers and then back for the Albion player parade.
Nov 3, 2015
I dislike the Liverpool team and actually quite like the City team, so City for me. However, there has to be some sort of Karma for the ungracious wankery of the City supporters, so lets have Watford lift the FA cup please.

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