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[Albion] Who are some of the most LIKEABLE Albion players, past or present?

Mustafa II

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Oct 14, 2022
Watching Burn score such an important goal for his boyhood club - there was no resentment from me, just joy for a former player of ours scoring such a great & important goal for his boyhood club. He's always been a likeable bloke and I was super pleased for him.

Which other players, past or present, are just too likeable that you could never have any ill feelings towards?

Super Sub

Aug 13, 2016
To this day i still love my brother but i wont count him in this thread :)

BDB & Calde are great shouts... Id add Bruno, Gordon Greer and Wayne Bridge to that too
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Tom Hark Preston Park

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Jul 6, 2003
Reckon a 'Who are some of the least LEAST likeable Albion players, past or present?' thread might have most folks scratching their heads a bit. Personally can only think of one or two

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