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[NSC] Where shall I go on holiday this year?

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We have got an AirB+B in Sennan Cove again. I'd never go abroad with kids. Last year it was record temperatures ❤️ so this year it will be pissing it down for sure. At least I'll be able to watch our Champions' League qualifies on the telly in peace.

Of the recommendations....I don't like crowds. I've done many package holidays and enjoyed them, but staying in an isolated hotel in Croatia (Poric) was lovely (you must have a car - we flew to Turin and hired one there), but further south, across the water to Kefalonia, was better. How many songs has "Open your eyes" been pasted into, I wonder?
We used to go sailing with a couple of friends, hiring a yacht to tour the Greek Islands. The Ionian Islands were great particularly, as you say, Kefalonia. Always loved sailing into Fiskardo, such a beautiful place

Fiskardo collage small.jpg
Yacht pelagos fiskardo quay.jpg
Sep 30, 2013
Re the Algarve: we go to Lagos a lot - not too overdeveloped, great beaches and restaurants and 40 minutes from the spectacular west coast (national park, rugged wild coast).

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