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[Football] What's the earliest you've left a game?

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Jul 19, 2011
Michel Kuipers testimonial.
Left at half time, so lasted longer than he did.
Still miss that spicy Dutch meatball pie though.


Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Bmuff when they scored their third on 74’. It wasn’t just the score, we were being outclassed in every department.

In descending down to the NS concourse, it was already busy with 100’s at the bars. Jogged up to the park n ride expecting it to be quiet, but there were huge queues in front of me.

Deleted member 2719

Inspired by our friends from Southampton.

I know a saints sth, and he said his mate left after 3 goals and he said I don't blame him!

So that would be just 19 mins.

I could never do that, typical plastics in action.

R. Slicker

Jan 1, 2009
Funny enough, at Southampton. 4-0 down, saints penalty given about 2 yards outside the box, Tanno sent off for insinuating cheating. I think that's the only time I've done it.

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Hampster Gull

Dec 22, 2010
I would never ever leave before the end, promise. Wouldn’t want to upside my neighbours who might be finishing off a pie or whatever


Old Brightonian
Nov 7, 2003
East Wales
October 11th 2018

Wales 1-4 Spain (at the Principality Stadium)

Left at half time, simply because I was bored. I don’t support either team, I was given the tickets, the football was at walking pace and I was surrounded by folk filming the game on their phones. Just rubbish.

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