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[Music] What's the best song you have heard today? Share it here.


Legacy fan
Jul 6, 2003
Just a few hours into the day, but....

Dreamers, misfits, radicals, outcasts
Outsiders, oddities, revolution, working class
Icon, wrote off, segregated, get lost
Creators, believers, necessary genius.
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Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
At that time I thought they were better than U2.
I still think so.
Aside from the voice, there was someone who could play a guitar melody back then (ask The Edge).
They have had little success.
But they have always played and brought their Highlands inside.
I like it.

Saw the original line up in Vancouver around 85. Stuart sadly drank himself to death. The other guitarist, Bruce, became part of Dead Men Walking and they cover Fields of Fire and a couple of other of the old tracks. Saw them around 2003. I also saw Stuart playing with the Skids, December 31, 1977, Marquee. :thumbsup:


Well-known member
Jul 5, 2017
A friend has completed this trio as the drummer. For enthusiasts of the ilk of Cream, Doors and Led Zeppelin. Have linked to an EP, as not sure how to post individual songs from bandcamp.


Mr Bridger

Sound of the suburbs
Feb 25, 2013
Fatal Microbes, label mates of the Poison Girls from Brighton. I had it in my head she was Vi's daughter for some reason. Fact checks suggest not. :thumbsup:
I saw Crass in Birmingham, Digbeth civic hall, and convinced she was supporting them but cannot find it to confirm.
Two things I CAN remember about the gig, was the tickets were hand made, a potato cut in half dipped in paint print, and an invasion of skinheads kicking shit out of the punks.
Pretty scary for a 15 year old.

Mr Bridger

Sound of the suburbs
Feb 25, 2013
Not really my thing, but listening to 1001 albums before you die (book) I’m deep into Hip Hop/rap territory and this popped up.


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