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Feb 23, 2009
Brighton factually.....

Nicked off here

Ha, Pretty cool isn't it, a touch of David Bowie about it.
David Bowie used to go to rockabilly gigs in the 80s, and he suggested Levi Dexter & The Rockats head to LA and he got them a record deal, their first gig they played over there was packed out of A-List celebs at the time and the audience kept screaming & cheering during the gig, they thought the gig was going really well, until the noticed David Bowie kept popping his head round the curtains behind them..

This band are basically the backing band for JD McPherson, who is a country, roots kinda dude, quite well known, but I don't like the sound so much to be honest, I much prefer this Neo Rockabilly sound.

Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
Some more Al Stewart, I have been revisiting his back catalogue and came across this which I haven’t heard for a while. Such an atmospheric song.


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