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[Technology] What's a decent size in inches


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Oct 1, 2013
For a Television these days?

My friend has an old 24" one and is seeking to size up but doesn't want to go for one that's too big for his room size

Cheers !

Jack Straw

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Jul 7, 2003
I used this and bought my 40" Panasonic. Perfect!


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Aug 9, 2005
7 feet? Needs a 55 inch telly?!!! Imagine sitting in bed watching a 55 inch telly at the foot of the bed! That’s ridiculous. We’ve got an 18 feet viewing distance and use a 47 inch telly!


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Sep 22, 2014
For a Television these days?

My friend has an old 24" one and is seeking to size up but doesn't want to go for one that's too big for his room size

Cheers !
Probably bigger than you`d expect. Recommended distances. 32inch 1.34 meters, 48inch 2m, 70inch 3m.


Jan 19, 2018
Mid mid mid Sussex
We have a 55" for a 14' viewing distance. I wish I'd gone one bigger, to 65", but it's fine really and a significant improvement on the 46" it replaced.


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Jul 10, 2003
Apparently people with small ones always claim that quality is more important than size, so I've heard :blush:


How soon is now?
We said we’d never buy a big tv and went for an hd projector and drop down screen, and then we moved the rooms around a bit downstairs.
A really good offer came in for a 55” telly and it fitted the room perfectly.
The projector doesn’t get enough use now, but is good for big games, and movies on rainy days


living vicariously
Aug 8, 2005
Leeds - but not the dirty bit
The bigger the better, within reason, TVs should fill your view. Viewing distance requirements from TV's have changed. In the old days you had to sit a distance away so you couldn't see the individual pixels and so the picture looked better.
Nowadays with good FHD and 4K you can practically stick your nose on the screen and the picture will look good, so 55 inch from 6 or 7 feet - no bother.

The most important decision is location. Whoever puts a TV over a mantlepiece wants their noggin examining, or at least their neck will need soothing after a while. Think cinema, theatre, amphitheatre, sports stadium etc., you always look level or down on the action for comfort - not up.


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Sep 10, 2010
2 inches. That’s what I tell my Mrs anyway.

The Hermit Kingdom

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Oct 29, 2023
Plenty exaggerate the size of their TVs, especially those with smaller ones. Generally the bigger your feet, the bigger your TV …..
I have it from a reliable sauce that hip size is the determinant - the naturally slimmer/slinkier the hips the more inches and vice versa.


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Jun 21, 2012
Born In Shoreham
Buy from John Lewis they gave us a refund after the tv broke three years later we then upgraded from a 55-65 which is superb viewing.

Peacehaven Wild Kids

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Jan 16, 2022
The Avenue then Maloncho

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